Have Courage, and a Coach!

I am now offering great coaching for 60 days, 180 days and a full year for those with huge goals.

You get great one-on-one phone calls, weekly emails, extra coaching when needed and monthly teleseminars… AND…it is an investment that is fair and reasonable while giving you good returns and great value!

Think about what you really want in life. If you do not yet have it, let’s get going.

I would like to schedule your One-on-One Coaching call and start making a positive difference for you right away.

There is no value in procrastinating and suffering when we can generate better results and more of what you want to achieve. The way it was is not the way it is… it’s time to move ahead.

You know you want things to be better or you would not be reading this…

so I invite you to say “yes” to you! You are worth it and you deserve to have it better.

If you are looking for one-on-one coaching sessions or group trainings, call me at 734-994-8400 to schedule a time to talk.

Energetically and Respectfully,

Coach John Tenza

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